Value Your Trade – Sell Your Used Car To Causeway Hyundai

Everyone has questions when trading in a used car. Causeway Hyundai makes the entire process very easy. We answered some of the most commonly asked used car trade-in questions. Did we miss anything? Let us know, and we’ll get you an answer right away.

We look forward to helping you sell your used car to us.

What is my car worth?

Once we get some information on your current trade-in, we can help give you fair market value. Then, we’ll need to see the vehicle in person and give it a detailed inspection. This helps us give you the most money possible for your used car trade-in.

Other dealers are giving me $5000 more than Kelly Blue Book Value. Can you?

Other dealers are using discounts and rebates that you may or may not qualify for to show you more for your trade. For example, they may charge you more for your new car. Those advertisements are dishonest. We don’t advertise our used car trade-in program that way.

Should I pay off my used car before I trade it in?

No need to do that, Causeway Hyundai will take care of paying off your trade-in vehicle.

Do you take in boats and motorcycles?

Yes! If it has an engine, we’ll take a look at it; we love all trades in vehicles.

Can I transfer my plates to the new car?

Yes, but you can’t do that when leasing a new vehicle.

How is a residual put into place when I want to buy it out?

The vehicle’s residual is determined and agreed upon at the initial lease signing. We’ll help you understand each step of the trade-in process, so you don’t miss anything.

Is it better to trade-in my used car or sell it privately?

Trade-in your used car. It is safer and hassle-free. We will take it off your hands today, plus you get the tax savings.

Are you going to keep my car? If so, can I get more money for it?

We always give fair market value for trade-in vehicles. If we do decide to retail your used car, there are costs for reconditioning that we have to add to the car to get it retail-ready.

Will you give me KBB value for my used car trade-in?

We have to assess your vehicle and get all of the necessary information to provide you with a real trade-in value that is competitive and fair.